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A patent pending system designed to wash a maple sugar evaporator flue pan after every boiling in order to remove niter build up. The decrease in niter built up has shown to improve the quality of the syrup.

A sprayer manifold is permanently mounted in the steam hood. Once concentrate is drained the sprayer manifold travels along a track to pressure spray the entire interior surface of the flue pan. Rinse water continually circulates through the pan as filters remove niter and particles. Controls allow the washer to operate fully automatically for a preset length of time and will shut down upon completion of the wash cycle.

1. Spray manifold and track
2. 120 gal stainless tank and filters
3. 1 1/2 HP supply pump
4. Wall-mounted drive unit
5. Wall-mounted control box

Tom and Adam Minor - Cambridge, VT
     '06 - '10 sugar seasons
     25,000 taps - Dominion Grimm 6' x 16'
Bob Sweet - East Fairfield, VT
     '07 - '10 sugar seasons
     14,000 taps - Thunderbolt 6' x 16'

This manifold has been adapted to allow an in-place wash of the flue pan tubing. The unit includes a 1" wash water inlet, a compressed air inlet, and a rinse water inlet. Utilizing the pump and wash tank this manifold can be used in conjunction with the flue pan washer.