About Us
Maple Sugaring

           David Mann began his equipment business in 1981. He has concentrated on the sales, installation, and servicing of farm equipment in Northern Vermont. Equipment has included track grain feeders, dairy milking installations, track mounted crowd gates, and various electrical control systems. Also included are stainless steel and glass pipe conveying systems, and stainless steel welding and fabrication.

          After 2000, the business has branched into the maple sugar industry. Equipment for this area includes automatic spray washing systems for flue pans, automatic barrel washers, sap and concentrate piping, and adjustable trailer carts for dispensing mainline tubing.

           The dairy and sugar industries have been the backbone of this Vermont enterprise, and continue to grow. Each industry is evolving as technological advances provide new opportunities for the development of new equipment to meet its needs. It is our hope that our new developments can be a catalyst for your new developments.